February 13, 2019, at 5.00 pm

About Storytelling in intercultural training and cultural mediation

webinar with Joanna Sell, certified Intercultural Coach, Facilitator and Trainer

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“What is storytelling and how can I apply it in my intercultural programs?

What is story sharing about and why is the narrative approach so powerful?

Why storytelling now?

How can I encourage my participants to create, share and co-create stories?

Simply speaking:

How can I work with storytelling as an intercultural trainer, coach and facilitator?


In this webinar, Joanna Sell is going to offer multiple answers to the above questions and propose the storytelling approach for your intercultural programs. After a short input on how storytelling works and how it affects our brains (presentation of the newest neuroscience research), she is going to offer three powerful narrative tools that not only can be used in the intercultural programs but can be given to the participants to work with their own stories and their team stories. The co-creation of stories and story sharing play here an important role.”


Joanna Sell

Intercultural narrative coach, trainer, and facilitator, founder of Intercultural Compass www.interculturalcompass.com consultancy specializing in global teamwork, virtual, cross-cultural leadership and storytelling in the intercultural working environments, co-founder of the Beyond Storytelling Network www.beyondstorytelling.com and co-organizer of SIETAR Europa Conferences in Valencia 2015 and Dublin 2017 www.sietareu.org . She is also author and co-author of books and articles on storytelling in the intercultural field and a passionate art lover.