The Selected Photo Projects

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The judges have identified 24 photographic projects (comprising 89 pictures in total) that more than others have been able to return a narrative sensitive to grasp the traits of Italianess with attention to interculturality. The selection ranges from classic black and white reports to individual images with advertising cuts, research projects focused on news stories to others more conceptual and metaphorical, up to ironic ones.

The works of these 24 photographers (Massimo Alfano, Stefano Biserni, Nicola Bortolussi, Antonia Maria Caputi, Sara Cinelli, Diego Copetti, Valentina De Santis, Martina Di Lauro, Camilla Figlino Cheade, Filippo Florindo, Giacomo Infantino, Alessandro Iovino , Aissetou Jaithe, Sensi Lorente, Angelo Luca Maccagni, Emanuele Mirulla, Ewa Maria Olzewska, Iacopo Pasqui, Diego Puccio, Benedetta Ristori, Simone Sapia, Giorgia Subacchi, Hugo Weber & Denny Mollica, Valentina Zanzi) will be published in the Feeling Italian Photobook and exposed in the Exhibitions.