The Advisory Board Members

Bettina Gehrke


She teaches Leadership to international Master students in Bocconi University and held faculty appointments in Wiesbaden, Muchen, Bergamo, Shanghai and St. Petersburg. As a professor of Bocconi School of Management (SDA Bocconi) she works mainly with multinational companies designing tailor-made management development programs to facilitate global collaboration. She is co-author of the book “Global Leadership Practices: A Cross-Cultural Management Perspective”.

Lucy Clark


Lucy CLARK (Lucy Clark Ames BEN FADHL ) born at Boston, Massachusetts, USA; dual citizenship: American and Italian; resident of Milan as of 1978, after lengthy periods of stay in France and Tunisia.
Director and consultant, for many years, of various companies providing Immigration & Relocation services to multinational businesses in Italy; is a Past President of the International Marriage Group; created and directed the Crossing Cultures Study Group, a ten-year research/study project exploring “The impact of a change of culture on a woman’s identity”. Became a member of SIETAR International at Georgetown University, Washington D.C. in 1980, and her membership in the Association has continued uninteruptedly to today with SIETAR Italia.

Roberto Ruffino


He was Secretary General of Intercultura, an Italian organisation for international pupil exchanges at secondary school level. Since 2007 he also serves as Secretary General of the Intercultura Foundation which promotes research and experimentation in educational exchanges. His main interest has been in the area of the pedagogical content of international pupil exchanges and he has encouraged research in this field, by promoting study sessions with the Council of Europe, UNESCO and the European Commission. In assigning him an honorary doctor degree in education science, the University of Padua defined him “an entrepreneurial leader in the field of intercultural education, that he has contributed to introduce into Italian schools”.
He works in Italian, English and French.

Paola Motta


She is a consultant and trainer, focusing on the development of personal skills and managerial teams, for public and private organizations and multinational corporations. She also collaborates with several Universities. She is currently focusing on issues as Change Management, organizational roles evolution, people management, managerial skills development, also in international settings. Thanks to her expertise in leadership development and Diversity Management, she held several training courses in Algeria, Croatia, and Romania and managed training the trainers courses addressed to professionals from Argentina and China.