The world around us is experiencing a period of profound change and social transformation where the coexistence of diverse cultures, ethnicities, nationalities and abilities is becoming a critical element of professional and social tension. As a reaction to this growing heterogeneity, discriminatory attitudes and penalizing policies against those perceived as different have crept into organizations and society at large, in an attempt to neutralize, reduce or even eliminate the impact of diversity, perceived as a cost and disturbance rather than as an opportunity and resource.

On the contrary, we believe that diversity of gender, ethnicity, age, culture, religious belief represent a novel and extraordinarily vital sap for society, one that opens up a whole new range of potential answers and creative solutions to confront the ever greater and ever more challenging crises and changes that lie ahead. That is why we believe that success, whether economic or of any other kind, can be achieved only by acknowledging and making full use of the diversity that exists in our society, not only in the workplace but in the doings of every woman and man on this planet.

We are firmly convinced that concrete intercultural practices, proactively undertaken, can contribute to the creation of a fairer and more peaceful society. Therefore, as members of SIETAR Italia – and in particular each time we take out or renew our membership – we solemnly commit ourselves to respecting and complying with the principles, the values and the central tenets of our Association as expressed in its Statutes, with full awareness of all that this implies. With respect to those with whom we shall have the opportunity and privilege of working, we guarantee our competence, dedication, professionalism and confidentiality. With respect to the issues we are called upon to deal with, we shall study them thoroughly beforehand and then specify, in explicit terms, the nature, the extent and the anticipated outcomes of our contribution. With respect to our continuing professional growth, we commit ourselves to attending workshops and seminars and to keeping abreast of developments in our profession. With respect to our fellow members of SIETAR Italia, fully aware of the importance of principled and professional conduct we commit ourselves to acting loyally towards them, in full obedience of the Association Statutes.