The Winners

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The winner, who received the first prize (1500 euro), is Iacopo Pasqui (35, born in Florence) with the “N” project. The artist created an evocative and universal work starting from a specific and autobiographical situation. Through rigorous black and white documentary photography, the project was selected because is ability of exploring fragments of the sense of suspension, crisis and uncertainty produced by a society that is not capable of opening up and renewing itself to new generations.



Ewa Maria Olszewska (45 years old, originally from Poland) with her project “Italy of the third millennium” won the second prize (1000 euro) because she has been able to deal in depth and coherently with the theme of integration and hybridisation. She is showing how ceremonies of different civil and religious traditions are coexisting, in sometimes unexpected ways. The author immerses herself in situations, creating a color reportage characterized by great emotional intensity and a strong visual impact, which reaffirms the civil and political value of photography.



The third prize (500 euro) was assigned to “Casa mia” by Giorgia Subacchi (22 years old, from Piacenza), because she was able to play, with great freshness and self-irony, on some clichés of Italianness: football, food, religion and tricolor. The work uses in a conscious way a simple and direct language, both at a photographic level, with a reference to family photography and to the image that circulates on social media, as well as verbally, in the declarations that complete the images.