6° Seminario Interculturale 2011
Sabato 9 luglio 2011 -14.30-18.30 @

Servizi Estero


Working with India (in English)

Facilitator: Adrian Pilbeam

Abstract: India, along with China, is much in the news these days. The economy is growing fast and the country seems to be prospering. India is now both a large market for European products and services as well as being a low cost location for outsourcing, especially in IT. Consequently, a lot of European companies are working ever more closely with India, either setting up activities there or travelling back and forth. But Italy in particular has no special historical or cultural links with India, so understanding Indians and their working and social culture is a big challenge.

The aim of this session will be to (1) give participants an insight into Indian society and culture; (2) explain some of the main cultural issues when doing business with Indians; (3) give recommendations on how to working effectively with Indians here, there and virtually.

The main areas covered will include: (1) India and Europe – perceptions of each other; (2) How well do you know India – facts and figures; (3) India – customs and traditions; (4) European culture – Indian culture: comparing and contrasting values; (5) Communication style and Indian English; (6) Understanding some key cultural dimensions as they apply to India; (7) Working effectively with Indian colleagues – ideas and tips from Indian and European managers. The session will be of interest to anyone who is dealing with, or who plans to deal with Indian business partners, or who may give some training in this area in the future.

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Adrian Pilbeam

Adrian Pilbeam is the founder and director of LTS Training and Consulting in Bath, UK. He has beenan intercultural and international communications trainer and course designer for more than 20 years. In the last 5 years he has run many culture-specific training programmes for clients who have outsourced projects to India or who are doing business with Indian partners. He is the author of many training books on international communication, most recently Working across cultures (Pearson Longman 2010). He also runs one of Europe’s leading training courses for trainers interested in the intercultural field – Developing intercultural training skills – which has been run in Bath more than 30 times since 2005.