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Presentation of two complementary measurement tools: DIQ and IPI

Diversity Icebreaker Questionnaire & International Preferences Indicator


Presenters: Marianna Crestani and David Trickey

Skype Conference for the DIQ: Bjørn Z. Ekelund

THE INTERNATIONAL PREFERENCES INDICATOR: Many participants come out of an intercultural sensitization workshop with at least one unanswered question: “Fascinating! I now see how cultural factors can impact on building relationships and achieving goals… but what do I personally need to do to be more effective in my own international role and context?” Responding to this “So, what-about-me?” perplexity in intercultural training is precisely the aim of the International Preferences Indicator (IPI). This short questionnaire and peer feedback process is intended for delivery during group training programmes. It develops awareness of each participant’s own personal blend of approaches when dealing with people from different cultures. It helps individuals explore the extent to which their own preferred ‘international style’ may be congruent with the requirements of their present role and context. During the session all participants will be invited to complete a complementary IPI and receive their own report and peer feedback.


To get your IPI questionnaire and personal report at no charge just contact Eric Wang at WorldWork on, until Thursday 15th September quoting SI IPI and he will send you your personal login details. David Trickey will then bring your results with him to the session.


THE DIVERSITY ICEBREAKER QUESTIONNAIRE is a self-scoring questionnaire developed to promote awareness and improve communication and collaboration in teams. It is a user-friendly instrument that uses intuitive categories and offers a shared understanding to manage culture. Developed by Dr Bjorn Z Ekelund and Malfrid Rydnignen, the Diversity Icebreaker Questionnaire can be used for: personal development, communication training, development programs, as kick-offs in projects and large conferences, in team and management/leadership development, in group / cultural conflict management, in cross-cultural conflict management and in cross-cultural management training. Recently it has also been used to address the challenges of working with multicultural student groups and to explore the concepts of learning, thinking and teaching styles. During this session, we will go through the different stages of scoring, briefing and debriefing of the questionnaire with the virtual help of Dr Bjørn Ekelund who will be willing to answer your questions via skype.

You will be given a free copy of the questionnaire to fill in during the presentation


An example of the 5 International Styles from the IPI

Linking the DIQ’s profiles to learning styles


The presentation will mainly be in English.


David Trickey

David Trickey has been an intercultural trainer and consultant for the last 20 years for his own firm TCO International Diversity Management. He also has a long association with SIETAR and was a founding member of SIETAR Italia. As a director of WorldWork he also develops tools, psychometric questionnaires and multimedia materials designed for the intercultural training community. He has contributed to the creation of IPI over the last two years and, as a practitioner,  uses the instrument regularly in training and team development workshops with his own clients. This year he has used the tool on three projects with a medium-sized engineering company, Telecom Italia and the Bundesbank in Germany. He will share insights into the product’s design and illustrate its applications in these and other training contexts.


Marianna Amy Crestani

Marianna Amy Crestani has been working as an Intercultural Trainer and Consultant since 2006. Thanks to a number of collaborations with International Relocation Companies, Consultancy Companies, Universities and Large Organizations, Marianna has developed a deep understanding of the challenges that people face when transferring their technical abilities into an unfamiliar context and is able to translate this knowledge into practical cross-cultural training programs and deliveries. One of the founders of  SIETAR Italia, current Secretary General and representative for Italy in SIETAR Europa, Marianna has been using the DIQ in the most diverse contexts with great success.

Marianna has recently started focusing on the challenges and opportunities of distance learning.


Dr. Bjørn Z. Ekelund

Dr. Bjørn Z. Ekelund is a Norwegian business consultant. Psychologist,  University of Oslo, Norway (1983); MBA at Henley Management College, London UK (1997); PhD research school in International Management at University of Agder, Norway (2007). He has been Managing Director of small consultant organisation since 1987, at the same time doing extensive consultative work around team analysis, OD, cultural change and strategic coaching. In 1993 he founded Human Factors AS (Norway) and is the Managing Director of the company. He has published articles, books and presented his work and views on the field in different international conferences, worked with cross-cultural issues since the early 90s and certified more than 700 consultants in the use of different psychological tests used for analysis and development.

Bjørn is the developer of the Diversity Ice-Breaker Questionnaire.




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