Saturday 14 February 2015 from 14.30 to 16.00 @



Forget about Intercultural Training!

Speaker: Myriam Callegarin – Coach

Why don’t leaders and organizations recognize that intercultural training could significantly increase their chances to succeed in global business? Is intercultural training really the most effective way to develop global leadership competence? Is coaching the better option? Or are there other more effective alternatives? During her open and provoking session Myriam Callegarin will present case studies and eye-opening researches to explore what needs to be done differently in order to meet the needs of today’s executives and organizations.


Myriam Callegarin

myriamMyriam Callegarin works with global executives and teams, helping them to improve employee performance and achieve better business results in global markets. As an ICF credentialed coach and a global leadership trainer she has been working with managers in multinational organizations such as Daimler, Roche, Luxottica, Comau, Enel, Eni, Ford, Reckitt Benckiser, Telecom and several other companies. She also teaches International Management within the Executive MBA program at CUOA Business School. A native Italian, Myriam worked in International Sales at Mercedes-Benz in Germany, Singapore and South Korea for eleven years before starting her own consulting business in 2002, specializing in market entry and international mergers and acquisitions. Due to her strong passion for foreign cultures and people development in 2008 she transitioned to coaching and intercultural training. She graduated from the International Coach Academy and from the Center for Executive Coaching. She is a licensed consultant for The International Profiler, the International Preferences Indicator, and a licensed coach for Tilt 360 leadership assessments, including the Tilt 365 Positive Influence Predictor.