Resoconto 5° Seminario Interculturale 2012 – Edward Hall’s Cultural dimensions: Practical Applications to the Classroom


Giovedì 24 maggio 2012 – 16.30-18.30
BERGAMO presso Istituto Quarenghi – Viale Europa 27, Bergamo


Facilitator: Peter Anderson

Taking inspiration from a successful intercultural communication programme for language students at the Universities of Pennsylvania and Padua (‘Confronti’), this workshop will illustrate a methodology, ideal for secondary schools, called ‘Joint Construction’. Students learn to “think” and then speak in English, producing an authentic-sounding narration which the teacher writes, sentence by sentence, on the board. This activity can be used successfully in many different fields. In this workshop we will analyse Hall’s cultural dimensions of Time and Context and apply these to the production of texts. By applying the theory of ‘learning by doing’, learning will shift from the cognitive to a real change in the students’ approaches and attitudes in intercultural awareness. This will be followed by two ‘critical incidents’ to highlight differences in the monochronic and polychronic dimensions and the ‘Red Card Game’ to raise awareness of the differences in the dimensions of Space and proxemics in different cultures

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