« From COVID into the virtual world. Lessons learned. Best practice sharing session based on a case study of ETTA Leadership & Culture, a cross-cultural training business » February 11th, 18h00 – 19h30 with Monika Chutnik and Katarzyna Romanowicz

With  Monika Chutnik and  Katarzyna Romanowicz

All cross-cultural trainers and consultants have had to face the new – and virtual – reality created by pandemia. They did, too. Contrary to the majority of the training market in Poland, they have successfully faced the challenge, and considerably overtaken other companies. 

In this workshop, you will be invited to a best practice sharing session

based on a case study where the speakers use their cross-cultural business as a case study and a reference point for discussions on how to overcome the challenges created by the pandemia situation. 

The point is to learn from each other’s experiences and build on your own strengths. 

Why do we believe it’s important to look at the experience from another country? Now, the training business has become borderless, more than ever. What worked for us might not be a copy-paste solution for you, but we believe that in the session you will find your ways to get inspired and bring your training activities to a new level. 

We invite you to register your participation here.
Event moderator Tanor Gomez.