SIETAR Italia webinar Secrets of Successful Project Teams : Managing bias in project organizations for efficient decision-making

SIETAR Italia is thrilled to invite you to the webinar of February 11th at 6.00 pm with Katarzyna Grzesik-Harz and Mithun Mridha

Secrets of Successful Project Teams: Managing bias in project organizations for efficient decision-making

Working in project mode is a popular manner of getting work done in organizations. Project management initiatives save companies 28 times more money since their output is more reliable (PMI Pulse of the Profession, 2017).
Effective project management is not just doing things right, but it’s doing the right things.
Juggling between proven best practices and new circumstances requiring changes in our way of working, make us feel uncomfortable. Frequently-asked questions of project leaders include:

How to select between different implementation scenarios and allocate the right people to the right tasks? What level of detail in reporting to provide to Stakeholders?
What invisible errors of judgment and assumptions you take for granted, could be contributing to your choice of technology or solution?
When to choose standardized over customized processes and to deal with the compliance dilemma? How to differentiate fake problems from real problems? How to overcome illusions of control, overconfidence, and over-indulging in past project achievements? How to avoid using a cannon to kill a fly? How to make the choices between thorough-analyses and short-cuts at each phase of projects? How to stay result-oriented and still not forget the human aspects of projects?

Staying inclusive and open to other perspectives and solutions makes you a mindful leader who can deliver successful projects.

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The webinar will be moderated by Maria Mihaela Barbieru.