June, 11th, from 17.15 till 18.45; June 18th, from 17.30 till 19.00

MULTIPLE EVENT- Working well with Japanese people. Learning about traps and hints for seamless collaboration June 11th 17.15- 18.45 CET Participatory webinar with Roberta Giovannuzzi

Japan is a fascinating country and so Japanese people. When experiencing a business collaboration, charm can be underpinned with bafflement or the  stress of misunderstanding and hard miscommunication troubles that may arise. This webinar by Sietar can unveil the reason of apparently mysterious behaviours and provide you with knowledge tools and tips for seamless and effective collaboration.

here you can find the slides of the first webinar   

and of the second one


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Today Europe and Asia – Japan especially – know each other far better than 20 or even 10 years ago. Much has changed in both business and non-business relationships. In latest years, the interest of Europeans for Asia and Japan especially has been increasing. Mutual interest is about the sense for art and beauty, food culture, fashion, tourism, etc., but not least for industrial tradition and strength, management thinking and practice.sietar-italia.org/…/SIETAR_Part-1_D_Japan-intercultural-business-perspectives-and-hints-1.pdf

From key perspectives to real business cases and situations, the chance of an engaging tour through the mind maps of Europe and Japan.

Roberta Giovannuzzi is an Italian specialist in Japanese language and culture, who helps professionals and business organizations to create, maintain and improve professional relationships with Japanese stakeholders.

Before devoting herself to Japanese intercultural management, she has been working for over thirty years with Japanese multinationals, gaining direct experience with relationship management and intercultural mediation as an interpreter, translator, marketing and communication manager. Keen on culture and improvement, she works with enthusiasm to learn and support people learning.

Chiara Martinelli, on the board of SIETAR Italia, will facilitate the session