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The “Feeling Italian” contest invites you to tell, through the photographic language, what it means to “feel Italian” today, in an Italy defined by deep changes, not only in demographic terms, but also in terms of behaviors, customs and values.

Through the photo contest, SIETAR Italia project want to explore who the Italians are today.

What are the behaviors and symbols that evoke “Italianness”?

What are the places, the ways and the meeting situations?

What are the activities and rituals – individual or collective – that allow us to perceive Italians, or to be perceived as Italians?

The “Feeling Italian” photographic competition wants to investigate the elements of continuity with the past, or with the traditional concepts related to Italianness and to feeling Italian; but also, and above all, the transformations taking place in an Italy that is evolving within a global context.

This photo competition represents the first phase of a broader and more detailed action research project developed by an interdisciplinary scientific committee that envisions, starting from 2019, the publication and exhibition of “Feeling Italian” and other artistic-cultural, educational and training initiatives.

The Scientific Committee of the “Feeling Italian” project is composed of:

  • Matteo Balduzzi – Curator, MUFOCO – Museum of Contemporary Photography
  • Milton Bennett – Executive Director, IDRI – Intercultural Development Research Institute
  • Ida Castiglioni – Professor of Intercultural Communication, Milan – Bicocca University
  • Sergio Di Giorgi – Film critic
  • Maura Di Mauro – President of SIETAR Italia
  • Bettina Gehrke – Professor of Leadership and Cross Cultural Management, SDA-Bocconi


On January 25th, 2019 it will be held an event to announce and award the winners of the photo contest “Feeling Italian” at ALTAVIA in Milan (Alzaia Naviglio Pavese, No. 78/3). The event is organized in collaboration with The City of Milan and the Fabbrica del Vapore, together with all the project’s partners.

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