Saturday 14th June - 14.30-18.30 @

Yellow Hub


What makes Russians tick? (in English – for members only)

Facilitator: Jane Everett

JaneEverettThis is intended as an introductory insight into Russians’ core values, habits and behaviour with particular reference to the working environment. The aim is to help fellow trainers, coaches and academics gain a deeper understanding of what motivates their Russian students or clients and/or enable them to provide some key insights for their own clients or students who wish to understand the Russians better. Russia is and always has been a complex and often harsh reality, combined with a very different language and hard to decipher messages from Russians themselves. This workshop aims to unravel some of what Winston Churchill coined Russia – “a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma”. The workshop will provide cultural insight through music, film, literature, food and drink to stimulate the senses for a memorable and entertaining learning experience.

This workshop is open to all SIETAR members. To register for the workshop, please contact Peter Anderson by writing to p.anderson@andersonhouse.it

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Yellow Hub
Viale Napo Torriani, 29


Some pictures taken dring the workshop