Storytelling in Cross-cultural Mediation

Presented by Maria Mihaela Barbieru

Mediation is a storytelling process. The cross-cultural mediator is aware of the fact that telling and listening to someone’s story serves simultaneously the ethical mandate as well as the pragmatic mandate to move from a story to a constructive, authentic and trusting dialogue. This in turn leads to a win-win (re)solution. The communication takes place on two distinct levels, that of the content and that of the report.
Starting from the participants’ experiences, stories affirm their values, define their needs, and allow them to articulate their expectations. Each person involved gets uninterrupted time to tell their side of a situation.

Maria Mihaela Barbieru, a cross-cultural mediator, will be with us on Wednesday May 22, 2019 to share her work on this transformative approach to empowerment. She will show us how a mediator can use stories to reach problem-solving solutions, interpersonal recognition and social justice. She will show the power of a mediator who acts as a bridge, an “Al Qantara”, between divergent positions, leading the opposing parties to a space of dialogue.
Through this process Mihaela facilitates a shift for migrants from a posture of victim to assuming their full role of protagonist in any given issue.

Mihaela, President of SIETAR Italia and member of SIETAR Europa board, holds a Master Degree in Intercultural competence and management from the University of Verona. She has a certified background in the legal and financial services industry. Mihaela is also a court-appointed expert translator, Intercultural trainer, and a PNL Practitioner. You can visit her LinkedIn profile here.


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We look forward to seeing you at this most interesting webinar.
Migration SIG Leadership team