25th October 2018

A difficult case of intercultural coaching and how I dealt with it

Dear Intercultural Coaches,

We have all had difficult cases as intercultural coaches.

The manager who trivializes or the one who goes too far. The professional to whom it is hard to tell the truth, the spouse who lacks empathy or the one who will suffer grieviously, the stereotypes to broach, the family who need specific training or a different coach …

With this project – sponsored by SIETAR Italia and CoachingZone – we want to bring together and compare cases on the following subject:

A difficult case of intercultural coaching and how I dealt with it

Please send your story to email@coachingzone.it, calling it “A Case History of Intercultural Coaching” and organizing it in the following way:

  • My Case History
  • The Critical Issue
  • How I dealt with it
  • The doubts that remain


Please write 2.000 characters max in one of the following languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese or Italian. Please send it to us no later than 31.12.2018 together with the permission to quote and possibly publish the story (either with your initials or your name).
To all those who take part, we will send the results and a summary of the research, emphasizing the common points, the peculiarities, and the trends. By end of 2019, SIETAR Italia will organize a webinar based on the research to which you will all be invited.

Cristina Volpi, Board Member of SIETAR Italia (Milan)
Francesca Boragno, Member of SIETAR UK (London)


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