5° Incontro Ciclo 2010
Sabato 20 novembre 2010 -14.30–18.30 @

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5° Incontro Ciclo 2010

Facilitatore: David Trickey – TCO International Diversity Management

This 4-hour session will be broken down into 4 stages. Firstly, the participants will be given a brief overview of the International Team Trust Indicator (ITTI) instrument and how it works. Secondly, we will explore the background to one Italian leadership team and how its specific trust requirements were reflected in the results focusing on both the team (ITTI) and the team leader (using the Leader version of the tool). Thirdly, in sub-groups the participants will plan and put forward how they would respond to the results in a one-day facilitated session. Finally, I will share with the group what actually happened.



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