December 6th

Education, condition, and social (inter)action of migrant women in Italy and France

A webinar to be held on December 6th, from 5h30 pm till 7h00 pm

Migrant women, whoever they are, have a tremendous weight to carry. They are women, sharing an ontological feminine character and destiny with other women.

They are intellectuals, professionals, mothers, singles, unmarried, divorced, and they embody the culture of their country of origin, mysterious and radically “other”.

Their tasks are not always easy to achieve. Migrant women, often, have family and child care responsibilities and are doubly disadvantaged – as women and as migrants. This affects their employment outcomes in comparison to migrant men and to majority population women.

They are supposed to live in Western countries (Italy and France), where they can learn about autonomy, self-esteem, and emancipation, about the hosting culture(s). Thus, migrant women are often portrayed as possible mediators between supposedly radically different cultures.

But who are the migrant women? What is their education? What is their condition?

What do we know about their social (inter)action?

A virtual dialogue with Maria Mihaela Barbieru (Sietar Italia), Grazia Ghellini (Sietar France), and Hamid Zanaz (Algerian writer and journalist)


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If you are an interculturalist, a woman who decided to leave your country of origin, a professional who works with migrants of any background and want to deepen, share and debate together on this delicate topic, we invite you to attend this webinar.