Become an intercultural guide

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An integral part of the project “Feeling Italian” is to train a group of young people with migration background to become intercultural facilitators during the photo exhibition. The guides will be recruited and selected by involving the Department of Young, University and High Training of the City Council of Milan, the association SUNUGAL (partner of the “Feeling Italian” project), the association CittàMondo, and other third sectors realities in the Milan area promoting inclusion and integration. SIETAR Italia volunteers will provide training and coaching to the selected candidates.

Interested to become an intercultural guide?

  • Do you like to engage with Exhibition visitors guiding them to see their reality from diverse perspectives?
  • Do you want to improve your intercultural competencies?
  • Do you like to be trained and coached to become an intercultural facilitator?
  • Are you ready to attend 4 training sessions?
  • Do you have time to work for at least 5 days as an Exhibition guide?
  • So you like to be paid in Merits ( for being an Exhibition guide?

Please send your application to Maura Di Mauro e Bettina Gehrke

I want to volunteer with the organizer team of the “Feeling Italian” project