Sunday 15 February 2015 from 16.30 to 18.00 @



Some Thoughts Concerning Cross-Cultural Leadership

Speaker: Bettina Gehrke – SDA Bocconi

Cross-cultural management provides us with important understanding of how people relate to each other. Today we can refer to a considerable amount of knowledge about how cultural values impact leadership preferences. We know that some leadership practices work better in one culture than in another. Yet, what does effective leadership mean in today’s global environment? Is there a best way of using managerial influences? How to engage people across the globe? This talk likes to stimulate a critical discussion on the effectiveness of cross-cultural leadership practices.


Bettina Gehrke

bettinagehrkeBettina Gehrke teaches Cross-Cultural Management to international Master students at Bocconi University. She has held faculty appointments in Wiesbaden, Munich, Bergamo, Shanghai and St. Petersburg.
As a professor of the Bocconi School of Management (SDA Bocconi) she works mainly with multinational companies designing tailor-made management development programs to facilitate international integration processes and international team collaboration. Her teaching focuses on the development of (intercultural) leadership competencies. She is responsible for the international relations of the SDA Bocconi Diversity Management Monitor and has been co-editor of the column “La finestra sul mondo” of Economia & Management.