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COF@Rosinski – Rosinski’s Coaching Across Cultures

Facilitators: Natalie De Broux and Alessandro LoRusso

Philippe Rosinski addresses culture as a concept involving people from different organizations and backgrounds. By looking at coaching from cultural perpectives, he is able to explore what can be learned from cultural differences and similarities. The book Coaching Across Cultures helps readers to become more aware of their cultural orientations, appreciate how cultural inclinations affect coaching styles, and leverage differences constructively with the use of its integrative model: ”The Cultural Orientations Framework” (COF).

The author suggests that, for the coach, using the COF online assessment tool with its 17 cultural dimensions, opens up greater awareness and clarity about one’s own cultural starting points and assumptions, particularly the cultural foundations of values and beliefs. For coaches and managers, this assessment tool can open up to a deeper understanding of learned behaviours; the degree of congruence or incongruence experienced in different aspects of life; and to the possibility of consciously choosing different orientations. The conceptual dimensions of the COF as operationalised in the tool stimulates reflective learning and leverages cultural diversity to a common advantage.


Nathalie De Broux

Nathalie De Broux is the founder of SOCRATE Consulting, specialising in cross-cultural and executive coaching, leadership training, facilitation of international meetings, advising and accompanying organisations in their change processes. She collaborates with a wide network of seasoned professionals in promoting the cross-cultural approach, supporting leaders, teams and organisations in the appreciation and integration of cultural diversity. She works in French, English, Italian and Dutch. She helps individuals to find and unleash their emotional and personal strengths to better balance their professional  and personal lives. She was also co-founder and director of the J.M. Jouret Management Centre in Switzerland, and, successively, was Director of Administration and Human Resources for Daikin Belgium. She is a member of ICF Italia, SIETAR Italia, PWA Rome.


Alessandro LoRusso

Alessandro LoRusso is Vice President of the Associazione Italiana Coach Professionisti. He is a Master Executive & Corporate Coach and a pioneer in the introduction of coaching – as a discipline – in Italy. Alessandro has led major projects and delivered team coaching through his coaching company of which he is co-founder. Moreover, he has worked as Senior Consultant and Project Manager for renowned Management Consultancy firms. He worked as a trainer for ENI Corporate University delivering Leadership workshops, HR training, and courses on Emotional Intelligence, Effective Communication and Working in Team. He is a former member of the Management Board of the International Coaching Federation of Italy. He holds a cum laude degree in economics, a Major in Management, a Master in Corporate & Executive Coaching, certifications in Emotional Intelligence and Coaching Across Cultures.



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