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Io, le auto ibride e la mia nuova famiglia giapponese

Short film by Giuseppe Carrieri (in Italian with English Subtitles)

The Italian Director Giuseppe Carrieri and the cameraman Giancarlo Migliore visited Japan because of the international project “Italiani Fuori” (“Italians outside”), a serial, or a collection of shorts, or small documentaries that tell the stories of Italians living and working abroad. The short documentary “Io, le auto ibride e la mia nuova famiglia giapponese” is part of the episode series describring the lives of young Italians, as professionals, entrepreneurs, scientists and academics, living abroad. The series is airing on La Repubblica (online), Italy’s largest news site.
The short documentary “Io, le auto ibride e la mia nuova famiglia giapponese” makes a brief picture of a mix couple of Italian and Japanese expatriates in Japan, what does it means for them living in Japan today, and what means for them to have the opportunity to grow up their children in this part of the world today. Emanuele, the main character has been always keen on Japanese and Asian culture. After his graduation at Pisa university as an engineer specialized on hybrid vehicles the Italian job market was able to offer him just a six months stage and definitely not an hiring possibility. There he decided to leave Italy and to move with his Japanese girlfriend to Yokohama, in Japan. There he was able to found immediately a job at the Global Hybrid Centre, where he was hired and valorised for hi specific skills and his company’s contribution.
“Io, le auto ibride e la mia nuova famiglia giapponese” will be projected in Italian with English subtitles and the director should be present for a Q&A session after the short documentary projection.


Giuseppe Carrieri 

Giuseppe Carrieri dedicated himself to the storytelling, mainly of rubbles and of forgotten humanity, always accompanied by his friends of the Natia Docufilm. He has born in Naples, Italy in the 1985; at the beginning of his carrier he was a university’s assistant; he became soon responsible of the production Natia Docufilm.
He directed two shorts: “La polvere” (2009), a story about flowers and chieldren-rainbow in the suburban of Calcutta; and “Tra le forbici e i petali” (2012), the journey of a little fairy over the fog of an unknow castel, which then turns out to be a concentration camp. Among his films are “The alphabet of the River” (2012), the story of a travelling school, among corpses and sacred lights, over the river Ganges; “Des ètoiles coptèes sur les doigts” (2012), the epic lesser of some tribal villages in India and its people, who for the first time find themselves illuminated by artificial light bulbs and headlights, and by the mystical glow of ancient constellations. His documentary “In Utero Srebrenica” (2013) is a black and white portrait about the love of some mothers always looking for the bines of their chieldrien. Recently, for the Italian newspaper “La Repubblica” he is directing the serial “Italians outside”, a collection of shorts about Italian living and working abroad. He won several film festivals awards: FIFDH of Genevre, Al Jazeera Film Festival, Bellaria Film Festival, Prix International du Documentaire et du Reportage Méditerranéen.



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