March, 10th , 6 pm to 7 pm

“Culture in the community: lessons from a dialogue program in Arizona” Webinar, March 10th 2020, 6 pm to 7 pm

Interculturalists around the world have expressed alarm as our societies experience polarization and a breakdown in social connectivity and trust. After the 2016 U.S. presidential election, Melissa Hahn became motivated to deliver programs in her community to bring people together across political differences for the common good.One program that she co-designed and led in her city was an 8-week “Diversity Dialogue.”
In the dialogue program, approximately 15 community members from different cultural backgrounds came together once per week for 8 weeks to engage in deep and sometimes difficult conversations about challenging issues.
In this webinar, Melissa will briefly introduce the cultural characteristics of her city, the program’s structure and history, and the steps she took to establish a connection with her city government, under whose auspices the program operated.
She will then outline the program’s guiding principles and objectives, the intercultural pedagogy, the intercultural dynamics among the co-facilitators, the intercultural representation among participants, the topics discussed, the intercultural growth experienced by participants, the challenges encountered, the successes achieved, and the lessons learned.
She will also include a sample agenda of a typical dialogue session and provide tips for interculturalists who wish to pursue a similar program in their city.
The webinar will be moderated by Gradiola Kapaj.



Melissa Hahn
Coach, trainer, facilitator, speaker and writer
Melissa Hahn helps people connect across cultures as a coach, trainer, facilitator, speaker and writer. She has a B.A. in Russian Area Studies, a M.A. in Intercultural Relations, a background in global mobility, consults for NetExpat, and contributes to Harvard Business Review. She also served on Young SIETAR’s board, wrote an intercultural children’s book, and is involved in community projects including diversity dialogues and culture classes for immigrants. Born in Arizona, she studied in Poland and lives in Los Angeles.