Online workshop
March, 26th, 6 pm to 7.30

Coronavirus pandemic: what can we learn from cultural adaptation processes to better cope with the situation?

The coronavirus pandemic, and the consequent restrictions, require a rapid change of our habits and behaviours, as well as a mental adaptation to understand and navigate a new reality.

.. dealing with uncertainty, decoding and measuring the impact of a new stimuli from reality, redefining habits & rituals, finding new individual & collective patterns of behaviour, letting go of what was taken for granted….To a certain extent, all these experiences resonate with the internal and external adaptation processes we may encounter when we dive into a new cultural environment

During this workshop we will explore how our individual cultural adaptation strategy may be a resource when dealing with these challenging times.

SIETAR members from all Europe are invited to take part of this explorative and participatory workshop

This workshop is designed for the maximum number of 16 participants in order to allow the best interaction between our participants.

Moderator: Maria Mihaela Barbieru

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Karolina Ehretsmann

Karolina is an executive coach, facilitator & intercultural training consultant. She brings a broad international experience to her practice through her multicultural origins (French/Icelandic, British upbringing) and over 11 years of expatriation. Karolina endeavours to leverage cultural differences and facilitate human fulfilment by accompanying individuals and teams in the development of their potential.  Email:



Luca Fornari

Luca Fornari (PTSTA-O) is trainer and organisational development consultant for Arcosviluppo. He is bicultural himself (Italian and Irish) and focuses on the development of intercultural sensitivity in teams and organisations. Email: