Giovedì 4 febbraio 2016 - 18.00-19.00 (CET)

Art masterpieces as metaphors for intercultural training (in English)

In collaborazione con SIETAR Europa

Facilitator: Cristina Volpi

Images of groups, important situations, or people in a perspective are seen in different ways according to the different cultural pattern. A coach and a trainer can use these images to help their coachee to get useful insights. To see his problems and his situation as they look to his counterparts, allowing him to adopt a different perspective.
When these images belong to art masterpieces their effect is stronger, due to the beauty and to the strenght of the message.
The speaker will explain this method and then show some pictures, asking to participants to send her in the chat line a few words for their reactions and their feelings, that she will compare and comment


Cristina Volpi

Cristina Volpi is the President of Sietar Italia.
She is editor at www.CoachingZone.it ,an on line magazine about coaching, counseling, mentoring.
She is management and intercultural coach, focused on negotiation, employee develoment and engagement, communication.
She published several crime stories, based on conflicts within organization.
Her working languages are Italian, English, French.


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