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Third Culture Kids and the Development of Cultural Intelligence

Speakers: Anne-Claude Lambelet e Sabine E. Baerlocher (SIETAR Switzerland)

Join us as we review the integration and developmental challenges facing globally mobile children & adolescents. This session will explore how Intercultural Training can be adapted to benefit this category of trainees. Hear what practical steps can be taken by trainers to offer a « safe space » for both parents and children to explore feelings and concerns, develop knowledge and strategies to build a robust family project as they embark on their discovery journey. 2 professionals who face this situation in the training room on a daily basis will share perspectives and tips.


Anne-Claude Lambelet

Anne-Claude Lambelet is the Vice President of Sietar Switzerland, Anne-Claude has been training globally mobile executives (and their families) since the late 1990s. A TCK herself, both her life experience and professional experience with mobile families have led her to be passionate about the importance of family integration as a garantee of assignment success. In 2015, with a group of like-minded individuals, she founded Global, a non profit organization dedicated to support geographically-mobile families and provide best practice exchanges amongst the professionals who support them. She is currently President of this association founded in Geneva, Switzerland.


Sabine E. Baerlocher

Sabine E. Baerlocher is a seasoned intercultural trainer and advocate of family integration, Sabine has developed a special focus on the integration of children and teenagers and regularly delivers bespoke trainings to this category of program participants. Supporting Third Culture Kids is one of her passions. Sabine currently serves as Vice President of She is also a CQ Certified Facilitator from The Cultural Intelligence Center and an EARP (European Academy of Relocation Professionals) Fellow.



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