Saturday 14 February 2015 from 18.00 to 19.30 @



Helping our Clients Do Business in North Africa

Facilitator: Alessandra Bonezzi – Intercultural Trainer

The seminar is intended to be an introductory round-up of things to consider when starting to do business in North Africa, and in particular in Tunisia in the aftermath of the 2011 Arab spring. The objective is to allow fellow colleagues to gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of the core values, communication patterns and behavior in the local working environments and to further enable their clients to maximize results while working in the region by anticipating – amongst other things – potential operational dysfunctions. The methodology will be based on a combination of informational and experiential components to facilitate the construction of the interpersonal skills and “savoir faire” to successfully adapt to new ways of thinking, acting and conducting business in North Africa.


Alessandra Bonezzi

BonezziAlessandra Bonezzi is an experienced freelance consultant, intercultural trainer and moderator. In 2008 she moved to Tunisia where she has worked as a program coordinator within the SIT student exchange program and later as regional advisor for Tunisia and the Maghreb region in an international consulting company. She works on a freelance basis for the local branches of several international development agencies, international foundations, local and international NGOs and teaches Cross Cultural management at the Mediterranean School of Business. In 2011 she co-founded a Tunisian association for the development of cross-cultural competences approved (with great difficulty!) by ministerial visa. Before moving to Tunisia, Alessandra worked as an export manager for European and Non-European countries for national and multinational companies with increasing responsibility where she developed her skills in project management, planning and reporting.