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Intercultural Competence in English: what it is and how we can teach it and test it (in English – open to non-members)

ANDERSON HOUSE together with CRTDrils LINGUE BERGAMO is pleased to invite you to the SIETAR Italia workshop on ICE by Rudi Camerer


Facilitator: Rudolf Camerer

rudolf-camererThere is no doubt that language and culture are inextricably connected, but how many language teachers really feel qualified to teach intercultural communicative competence and use knowledge of intercultural theory in language classes? Conversely, how many intercultural trainers are fully aware of the impact language use has on effective intercultural communication? Does knowing about the findings of Hofstede and Trompenaars, being able to define low-context cultures, collectivist societies etc make intercultural training courses meaningful?

Intercultural communicative competence is a combination of knowledge, attitudes and skills. Communication skills are the focus, ie using language in intercultural encounters to ensure the best results for all concerned. For corporate clients this means doing business well, building successful relationships and negotiating optimal outcomes to ensure on-going and future business.

Most experts agree that approximately 80% of international encounters in which English is used take place in the absence of native speakers of English. So which English is used in international encounters? How important is linguistic correctness? Which mistakes count? A common understanding of the language which is used needs to be established before real interaction starts. It is the practical use of language – more than anything else – which determines the success or failure of the relationship.

This workshop provides an introduction to the ICE Train-the-Trainer course, which explores these issues and qualifies trainers to find the answers as well as providing material to deal with the role of English in international business.

L’incontro è libero e aperto a tutti gli insegnanti di lingua, anche non soci SIETAR. Per iscriversi al workshop si prega di contattare Noemi Ciceroni a iscrizioni@crtlinguebergamo.it oppure di usare il modulo online disponibile presso www.crtlinguebergamo.it .

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